Trusa International has unique capabilities to slit very narrow low carbon steel, stainless steel, electrical grade steel strips, and various other materials. From our state of the art modern facility in Nashik, Maharashtra, we can ensure precise near burr free slit coils in widths ranging from 5 mm to 100 mm & thickness from 0.10 mm min. to 1.25 mm, in both pancake & Oscillated bobbin wound conditions.


Minimum weight 60 Kgs. To max 600 Kgs.


Minimum weight 400 Kgs. To Max. 1500 Kgs.

The Raw Material Used:

Hot rolled coils with closely maintained tailor made chemistry and physical properties are manufactured by integrated steel plants such as JSW Steel, Essar Steel and other equals.

These wide width coils are precisely rolled into cold rolled close annealed coils by the finest cold rollers in the country who maintain the close thickness tolerances & physical properties which are required by our customers.

Each cold rolled mother coil is tested in-house at Trusa and at third party government ( NABL ) approved laboratories for quality assurance prior to processing.

Utmost attention is given to ensure a quality finished product to meet the stringent quality norms of our esteemed consumers.

Pancake Wound Coils:

Latest technology has been used in our state of the art slitting lines to maintain the very precise close tolerances of width, coil buildup & other critical criteria’s to ensure smooth production at consumer end.

To ensure near burr free slit strips, the slitting lines arbors are developed sturdy enough so that there is no deflection in the arbor or in the knives.

For meeting consumers ever changing requirements Trusa Slitting lines utilise deep loop pits to offer coils of larger weights & lengths.

Minimizing shape and edge problems of the precisely cut Strips is the greatest challenge faced by any steel processor during slitting. To avoid such imperfections our experienced Engineering team has developed the proper horizontal and vertical clearances required between the knives for all thicknesses and grades of steel. High carbon tooling with regular upkeep and accurate setup means edges do not have excessive beveling.

Precision Steel Slitting
Thickness Range : 0.10 mm - 1.25 mm
Width Range : 5.00 mm - 100 mm
Coil ID : 300 mm / 500 mm
Coil OD : 900 mm / 1250 mm
Coil Weight : 60 kg – 600 kg

Oscillated Wound Coils:

For high speed continuous production lines, jumbo coils of strips weighing 400 kgs. to 1500 kgs. are used to ensure nil line stoppages & down time. These coils are known as "traverse wound" or more commonly "oscillated wound" coils.

On our customer's production floor, jumbo coils made through this process, while ensuring a huge time saving also ensure a highly reduced scrap generation. The narrow width slit pancake coils are wound on a core and joined end to end using micro TIG welding technology to ensure a long continuous length. Our production facility ensures that coils are precisely layer wound with an even buildup to ensure no snagging or entangling of strips during high speed unwinding.

Using the latest in welding technology we are able to ensure that there is ZERO snapping or breaking of the weld joints during high speed production operations. Each weld is inspected for blow holes, cracks and other weakness using X-Ray equipment to ensure that the customer does not lose out on productivity due to welding fractures. Industrial applications such as flux cored wire manufacturing, press part manufacturers using progressive die tools, high speed tube mills are typical users of these coils.

Spool Wound Precision Strip Coils
Thickness Range : 0.10 mm - 1.25 mm
Width Range : 5.00 mm - 100 mm
Coil ID : 300 mm / 400 mm
Coil OD : 600 mm / 850 mm
Coil Width : 250 mm / 450 mm
Coil Weight : 400 kg – 1500 kg

Packing & Safety:

For domestic markets the coils are coated, with rust preventive oil as per customer requirements & coils are wrapped in LLDPE & HDPE / Hessian & then strapped to wooden pallets. In sea worthy packing for export markets where there is a long period of transit, corrosion inhibitors like VCI papers & films are additionally used along with the above packing specifications.

Typical Steel Standard & Grades processed by us :

Indian Japanese EN ASTM A 1008
Commercial : IS:513 'CR1' JIS G 3141 SPCC DC01 CS type A, B& C
Drawing (D) : IS:513 'CR2' JIS G 3141 SPCD DC03 DS type A & B
Deep Drawing (DD) : IS:513 'CR3' JIS G 3141 SPCF DC04 DDS
Extra Deep Drawing (EDD) : IS:513 'CR4' JIS G 3141 SPCG DC05 EDDS
Super Extra Deep Drawing (Super EDD) : IS:513 'CR5' -- EDDS+ CS type A, B& C

Mechanical Properties At Room Temperature In As Delivered Condition For Annealed I Skin Passed Strips (Cut Lengths And Coils):

Grade IS:513/1986 Tensile Strength MPa ( max.) Yield Stress MPa (max.) Elongation Percent 50 mm Gauge Length (Min.) Hardness HRB max. HR (30T)
Ordinary(O) : 410 280 28 -- --
Drawing(D) : 370 240 31 65 60
Deep Drawing (DD) : 350 250 35 57 55
Extra Deep Drawing (EDD) : 350 210 37 50 50
IF : 350 190 38 -- --
Note: 1MPa=1N/mm2=0.102kg/mm2

Chemical Composition:

Sr No. Quality Constituent, Percent, Max
  Grade Name Carbon Manganese Sulphur Phosphorus
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Ii CR1 Ordinary(O) 0.15 0.60 0.040 0.050
Iii CR2 Drawing(D) 0.12 0.50 0.035 0.040
Iv CR3 Deep Drawing (DD) 0.10 0.45 0.030 0.025
v CR4 Extra Deep Drawing (EDD) 0.08 0.40 0.030 0.020
vi CR5 IF
(Stabilized Interstitial Free)
0.06 0.25 0.020 0.020

Besides the above mentioned grades we can provide following grades :

Low Carbon Grades : Steel Standard as per ASTM, SAE, JIS, 3131, JIS, 3135, BS 1449
D/ DD/ EDD / Super EDD / IF Grade
ST-42, ST-52, SS 400, DC 01, HSLA
Steel for Enameling
Medium Carbon Grades : MC 11, MC-12, C-55, C-62, C-45, C-80, EN-42 J EN-8, HC-14, SAE 1045, EN-47, 50CRV4, Spring Steel Strips
Any other customer specified Carbon Steel Grade